CLOSER:  Common Language of Software Evolution in Repositories


CLOSER has been designed as a tool for unifying the raw version control system logging outputs in a domain specifc langauge. This tool improves the usability of this data, whilst allowing data from separate repositories to be combined into a common format. It also allows for conversion from this common format to raw version control system logging outputs. This makes CLOSER a useful tool for both new and legacy mining software techniques.

This shared data structure has then been implemented using Java along with parsers for the common version control systems Git, SVN and Mercurial. These parsers provide the ability for bidirectional conversion between CLOSER and all supported version control output formats.

The implementation involves two applications, the CLOSER command line tool and an integrated web service solution with the CLOSER data structure being stored in a relational database.

The applications are free to download, and the code is open source. Please refer to each application manual on how to set-up and run the particular application. Below are links to the manuals, applications and relative source code.

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CLOSER Command Line Tool (Stable)
CLOSER Command Line Tool (Unstable)
Web Application

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